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Mimosa/Moize: Hear One Near and Think of the Other


'A moment remembered is a moment anew. A collection of selected moments becoming the foundation and building of a new moment. A present moment rolling into and inspiring the next. A moment existing in-between the passing and the approaching, linked yet unique.'


Hear One Near and Think of the Other is inspired by the small and seemingly insignificant moments experienced and shared by us all. A work aiming to share, contribute and take pleasure in the small, the brief, the passing, the approaching and the now. Through utilizing two physically separated spaces, artist duo mimosa|moize will share and play with the sound of these spaces experienced inside the Milton Keynes Gallery. Throughout the duration of their performance, visitors are invited to recall and experience, revisit and relish the moment.


mimosa|moize is sound artists Lucia H. Chung and Martin J. Thompson. Their work consists of creating concept-led minimal and ambient electronic music, utilizing resonant qualities found in sound, space and objects. They work with an attention to that of the experience found in the perception and reception of sound, and how this relates to the person and a given context.