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Exhibition Events

Exhibition Preview

6pm - 9pm. All welcome


Join us on Thursday 9th December from 6pm - 9pm for the launch of our new exhibition 'MK2morrow: One Small Step for Milton Keynes'.


In partnership with Lost & Found, artist collective Black Dogs have transformed MK Gallery into a space for speculation on and discussion about Milton Keynes' past, present and future.


Join us for a drink in 'The Pub at the End of Universe'; the perfect environment in which to share stories, anecdotes, facts and fiction relating to Milton Keynes. Browse and contribute to the 'MK2 Survival Kit' that gathers together local skills and knowledge to be passed on to future inhabitants of the inhabitable planet of Gliese. Last, play architect and city-planner via the audience-generated 'Massive Tiny Space Colony' installation; a scale model of what the MK2 space colony might look like and the values it will uphold.


The MK2morrow Launch Night will take the form of a leaving do knees-up with music provided by the cream of Bletchley's DIY music scene and space-themed refreshments.


Everyone welcome!


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December 2010