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Thursday Scratch Nights

Sound Art

Mark Vernon

Mark Vernon

Adam Asnan

Adam Asnan

Mark Vernon
Adam Asnan

Mark Vernon

Sound Art

Entr’acte presents: Adam Asnan, Jacques Beloeil, Theo Burt/Tim Wright and Mark Vernon

Thursday 17 March / 6.45pm / Free, donations welcome.


London based sound art label, Entr’acte presents an evening of performances from a selection of its roster who have drawn inspiration from our current exhibition, Case Study: Loch Ness (some possibilities and problems) 2001-2011 by Gerard Bryne.


Find out more about Entr’acte



Adam Asnan

'Is it possible to capture an image of something that does not exist?' Perhaps not, but what is possible is the reversal; capturing something that did exist, to be presented as an obscurity. Recorded sound (as well as photography etc.) may offer only a rendition of an object that existed before, but as a new, amplified and dislocated form; its truth is concealed and its story is stripped, enabling for its mythologisation.

This being the case, it is possible to apply a recording of one thing to the recording of another, and falsify a connection.For this performance, Adam has specially prepared a selection of sound recordings that may attach themselves to Byrne's photography, despite their disparate or otherwise unrelated nature. Shifting from an emphasis upon the artificial (a cohesion of abstract qualities) to sounds that may enhance or subvert one's 'view into' an image.

Jacques Beloeil

Beloeil is a French composer based in London. His recent album for Entr’acte, Bath of Stars was entirely created from rediscovered cassette tapes found in a shoebox prompting Richard Pinnell of Wire to comment, ‘ Bath of Stars, ignores all current convention, combining a darkly humorous playfulness with a sense of Dada absurdity and no small degree of compositional skill. File under bafflingly interesting’.



Theo Burt/Tim Wright
Bastard Structures presents two works creating opposing extremes of sound and image. Using simple geometric shapes and synthetic sound
Theo Burt and Tim Wright construct formal aesthetic worlds that exercise and distort visual and sonic perceptions.

Theo Burt is a UK-based artist working with sound, video and light. Recent projects have focused on the use of highly consistent relationships between sound and video to create a partial predictability, and the effects of this on perceptions of time.

Tim Wright has been releasing electronic music since the early 1990s on labels such as Mute, Tresor and GPR. His recent audio-video works use light as a means to augment and subvert the spatial and temporal perception of sound.


Mark Vernon
Mark Vernon is a sound artist, musician and radio producer based in Glasgow, Scotland. He was a founding member of the art radio collective,
'Radio Tuesday' and has produced programmes and features for stations including WFMU, RADIA, Resonance FM, CKUT, Radio 101, VPRO and the BBC. His radio productions range from documentaries and radio plays to more experimental audio collage and soundscape pieces.

As well as works for radio his practice encompasses performance, publications, soundtracks, web-based works and releases on vinyl and CD. He is involved in numerous solo and collaborative projects under a variety of names including 'Vernon & Burns' and 'Hassle Hound' who have records out on Gagarin, Pickled Egg, Textile and Staubgold. He has also self-released several small editions of CDR's on his own Meagre Resource label.



"Stroop Anthem 1" is a video piece based on John Ridley Stroop's experiments "Naming the colors of
the print of words where the color of the print and the word are different" and "Reading color names where the color of the print and the word are different", published in the 1935 paper "Studies of interference in serial verbal reactions".


EVOL is a computer music project by Roc Jiménez de Cisneros, Stephen Sharp and others. Their work, a combination of psychedelia and algorithmic composition, has been released on international record labels such as Entr'acte, Mego, Presto!? and their own Alku.

March 2011