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Thursday Scratch Nights

Exhibition / performance

Provisional information curated by 'Occasionals'



Provisional information curated by Occasionals


Thursday 3 November / 6.30pm / Free


Faded Paper by Sara MacKillop is one of a series of works made from backing-paper reclaimed from a disused notice board. Posters, notes and tape that previously covered the paper have been removed leaving visible traces and bleached impressions, which continue to change and gradually fade over time according to their exposure to light.


Anna Barham's digital projection Proteus shows a succession of letters on five lines rapidly changing and coalescing into words. They alter as quickly as they form, so that recognising them almost occurs after the words have vanished or the letters have reformed into other words.


Tom Benson's painting has construction and deconstruction inherent within it. Its painted and printed moveable parts are attached with small nails through a metal support. Each time the artist installs the work the same constituent parts can be reconfigured into another grouping.


There will also be a performance of John Cage's aleatoric composition Radio Music (1956). Between one to eight performers each follow a score that involves retuning a radio to a series of frequencies, resulting in a combination of 'sound static' and occasional fragments of radio channels. Each time the score is performed, the piece produces a completely different result.


Black Whiskey by Dexter Sinister is a printed contract between the artists and the purchaser of the work, a work which in its present state is a promise of an exchange to be fulfilled at a date in the future.


Occasionals is an artist run project space where artists, writers and curators can present their work in a one day or evening event. This might be an exhibition, screening, reading or performance, a work-in-progress or not exhibited before, and a chance to discuss it with other people there and then.

November 2011


What are Scratch Nights?

Happening every Thursday evening at the Gallery, Scratch Nights are a series of events by emerging local and national practitioners working in music/sound, film, expanded cinema, performance and spoken word.


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