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Thursday Scratch Nights

Sound Art

Presented by Entr'acte

Joe Gilmore, Photo Mark Fell.

Joe Gilmore, Photo Mark Fell.

Joe Gilmore, Photo Mark Fell.

Sound art

Entr’acte presents: Joe Gilmore, Adam Asnan, Vasco Alves, Louie Rice, Lee Gamble, Cheapmachines and John Wall.


Thursday 24 November / 6.45pm, First performance 7.15pm / Free


Joe Gilmore is a multidisciplinary artist and graphic designer based in Leeds (UK). Working primarily with sound and print media his practice deals with human perceptual mechanisms, the nature of  consciousness and being. In doing so however Gilmore’s greater achievement is the synthesis and uncovering of a precision-aesthetics at the outer edge of human tolerance.


Philip Julian has been an active part of the experimental music underground since the late 1990’s recording numerous works under the name Cheapmachines. His works have focused on the use of analogue electronics (particularly analogue synthesizer, feedback, contact microphones, objects and surfaces) and computer based works. Audio works by Julian have been published on labels including Entr’acte, Banned Production, Harbinger Sound, Staalplaat, con-v, Homophoni, Zeromoon, Twenty Hertz and Desetxea as well as numerous compilation appearances.


Vasco Alves / Adam Asnan / Louie Rice

Fixed material and concurrent remote improvisations
The merging of three individualised approaches to electroacoustic performance, each with an inclination towards the same aesthetic framework realised under different conditions; of material regard, error and/or inadequacy.

Lee Gamble is a founding member of the UK-based CYRK collective. He explores abstraction through the computer, improvisation, digital synthesis, process, and the deconstruction/reconstruction of form.He has performed throughout the U.K and Europe and has had works published by Entr’acte and AUSREIHE. Lee has curated and co-curated several CYRK events and has produced and curated radio series for London arts radio station Resonance104.4fm.


John Wall is an autodidact electronic composer whose contribution to the field is widely noted by critics of new music. His work has moved from early plunderphonic compositions, where he brought together unlikely combinations of musical genres to create fantastical new works, to large scale works composed of thousands of tiny fragments which create the impression of virtual orchestras.

November 2011


What are Scratch Nights?

Happening every Thursday evening at the Gallery, Scratch Nights are a series of events by emerging local and national practitioners working in music/sound, film, expanded cinema, performance and spoken word.


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