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Friday Night Films



Dir. John Waters  (1998, 1hr 26 mins)


Friday 14 September / 6.30pm / £5 (concessions £3),
including a free drink for advance bookers.

Pre-book on 01908 676 900


Set in a Baltimore neighborhood known for having the thickest local accent, Pecker tells the story of an unassuming 18-year-old who works in a sandwich shop and takes photos of his loving but peculiar family and friends on the side. Pecker (Edward Furlong), so named for his childhood habit of "pecking" at his food, stumbles into fame when his work is "discovered" by a savvy New York art dealer, Rorey Wheeler (Lili Taylor).

Pecker's pictures — grainy, out-of-focus studies of unglamorous subjects — are far from professional, but they strike a chord with New York art collectors. Unfortunately, instant over-exposure has its downside. Rorey's efforts to turn Pecker into an art sensation threaten to ruin the low-key lifestyle that was his inspiration. Pecker finds that his best friend, Matt (Brendan Sexton III), can't shoplift anymore now that Pecker's photographs have increased his profile. Shelley (Christina Ricci), Pecker's obsessive girlfriend who runs a laundromat, seems especially distressed when the press dub her a "stain goddess" and mistake her good-natured "pin-up" poses for pornographic come-ons.

September 2012