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Thursday Scratch Nights

Aaron Head: Tour of Failure

Aaron Head, Tour of Failure. Film still.

Aaron Head, Tour of Failure. Film still.

Aaron Head, Tour of Failure. Film still.

Film Screening and Talk
Aaron Head: Tour of Failure


Thursday 27 September / 7pm / Free

A new film and talk meditating on the notion of failure, introduced by artist  Aaron Head.


Edited entirely from amateur online footage, this film assemblage of sound and image meditates on the languages of failure and personal validation -  two themes which abound on the internet.


Featuring over five hundred  found clips,  Head’s film includes broken clocks, bad violin recitals, glitching TVs, drunken karaoke and broken lights. Largely unplanned and circumstantial, the film’s evolving narrative plays with its own form and associations. The slippery language and relative notions of self, success and failure are explored through methods of editing and appropriation.  Casting a net over a directionless drift of images, the film plucks out the beauty of the malformed and seemingly failed and puts them into new pockets of meaning and sense.


Aaron Head introduces his film by describing the journey towards its making. He will also outline the larger Tour of Failure project, including how to submit entries to the Archive of Failure,  an unselected and unedited series of photographic /t ext responses to the idea of failure in its broadest possible sense or deviations.


September 2012