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Thursday Scratch Nights

Elena Cologni


Elena Cologni: L'elastico

Site specific performative outdoor installation

15 November / 6.30pm / Free


This is the conclusive event of a site-specific series of tours of the city, according to its inhabitants' memories in relation to specific locations. These are collected in a box placed in the gallery or they can be sent to the artist by emailing


It is the appropriation of a game Cologni used to play as a child. It is presented to participants as a large elastic string forming a specific shape (a sort of soft sculpture) which will change according to a pattern taken from a series of drawings from the tour(s) in Milton Keynes.


The body of work is part of the multidisciplinary approach of the project Rockfluid, where site-specific art practice is underpinned by elements of geography, cognitive psychology and philosophy. The exercise creates the physical and psychological conditions to enhance an awareness of the perception the body in space. Participants will follow instructions, while a camera will record their movements of their body's proximal space.


There will be an introduction by Caterina Albano, senior research fellow and curator for Artakt, Central St. Martins College, University of the Arts London.




Elena Cologni is a studio artist at Wysing Art Centre, Artist in Residence at University of Cambridge, Faculty of Experimental Psychology, and at University of Hertfordshire, School of Art. She studied at Brera Academy of Art, Università Statale in Milan (Italy), University of Leeds, and she has a PhD from Central Saint Martins College, London (1999-2004, Fine Art with Philosophy and Psychology). She was awarded from the Arts and Humanities Research Council for her Post Doctoral project at Central Saint Martins addressing issues of memory and liveness (2004-2006), Research Fellow at York Saint John University (2007-2009) when her work became primarily site specific and participatory.

November 2012