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Saturday Live Music

Secret Anarchy Garden 2012

Bryan Lewis Saunders / Anthony Donovan
Bryan Lewis Saunders / Anthony Donovan
Blood Stereo
Sharon Gal
Adam Bohman / Adrian Northover
Daniel Spicer

My Dance The Skull, in association with Classwar Karaoke, presents

Secret Anarchy Garden 2012


Saturday 8 December 2012 / 5pm - 10pm / £5 entry


Hosted by MK Gallery, this year’s edition is inspired by the dynamics between a ‘mental garden’ and the various levels of reality. The event will feature the following artists:




Bryan Lewis Saunders / Anthony Donovan:

The duo will present a play of unequal halves - re-staged half-conscious prose extracted from verbatim recordings of sleep-talk, against bleary, feral electronica, ending in tinnitus fizzle and flickering light.



Blood Stereo:

Dylan Nyoukis and Karen Constance will transport a bit of their day-to-day reality of living in Brighton to MK Gallery. Putting to use recordings of the sounds of their home (recorded on various types of audio equipment), household objects and assorted detritus, in an attempt to try and fashion something affecting from the day-to-day mundanity of domestic existence. In addition, Dylan Nyoukis will perform Action MK 1212. In his own words: "Deprive your visual cortex of their preferred stimuli. Come open your ears to the sound of the room."



Sharon Gal:  

Her performance will present the inter-relations between voice and body, speech and abstract sound. It will explore notions of “breaking of” and “break in” by employing and disrupting the natural breath cycle. The voice, coming from within the body, carrying with it the depth and power of hidden and internal emotions would be “breaking out” into the world, allowing the subconscious to surface. This is a journey and an exchange between “inside” and “outside”, dealing with the transgression of limitations.



David Blamey

His piece is a looped composition of environmental sounds recorded in a garden between dawn and darkness on a single day: the chatter of swallows darting between fig trees and telephone cables; a zinc gutter expanding in the sun's rays; toads bleeping; the drone of different species of bees; cicadas flicking between on and off transmission; and the clarion call of a garden gate. Listening deeply to these kinds of background noises and waiting for them coalesce into a readymade form of music has something to do with what Spalding Grey referred to as encountering a 'perfect moment', or what Eastern philosophy says about great power existing in small things.



Adam Bohman / Adrian Northover

Angels On A Pin sounds refer to a long-standing partnership of shared cultural signifiers, ranging from Science Fiction novels, cheap TV from the 70's, various works of fiction, the music of Anthony Braxton, and the writings of Robert Fludd.



Tom White

Exposures aims to present contrasting therapy techniques offered to sufferers of social anxiety, specifically that of spatial fears: claustrophobia and agoraphobia. The piece offers an insight into these disorders through unflinching documentation; sufferers try to conquer their fear by taking part in exposure therapy sessions by confronting the phobia head on. The installation will also present moving image projections of virtual reality exposure sessions as a contrasting technique that references a hyperrealist science fiction. The work highlights, in a sensitive enlightening way, the often overlooked phobia that many people suffer from and questions whether modern society has brought on such issues itself.



Daniel Spicer

Daniel will perform Tiles and Fragments, using randomly generated letters to provoke spontaneous vocal improvisations, augmented by reference to the written works of Philip K. Dick. Dick's novels largely deal with the theme of disjunction between 'objective' reality and perceived reality. As a starting point, Daniel will use a sentence from Flow My Tears The Policeman Said, spoken by the typically disorientated main character as part of a biometric identity test to find out if he is who he thinks he is - and used because it contains every combination of vowel sounds in the English language. It is the perfect launchpad for a theoretically limitless vocal improvisation. Moreover, by incorporating Dick's existentially unsettling fictions into a performance of Tiles and Fragments, Daniel hopes to unearth some surprising discoveries.



Mark Peter Wright

Inanimate Life is an investigation into the ephemeral nature of wind and its sonic reliance interaction upon inanimate physical objects. The recordings feature some of natures most complex and vibrant audial world; including the creaking roots of wind blasted heather, the playful gusts that animate giant oak trees and the wailing drones that resonate along wired fencing.

December 2012