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Thursday Scratch Nights

Jim Hobbs / Rie Nakajima: Black Sun

16mm film and video installation (Jim Hobbs), Sound and performance (Rie Nakajima)

16mm film and video installation (Jim Hobbs), Sound and performance (Rie Nakajima)

16mm film and video installation (Jim Hobbs), Sound and performance (Rie Nakajima)

Black Sun: Jim Hobbs & Rie Nakajima

Thursday 14 February / 6.30pm - 8.30pm / Free

Black Sun
is the first collaborative project between Jim Hobbs and Rie Nakajima. Despite having two separate and distinct artistic practices, the two have come together to experiment with the potential interactions between each other’s work in sound, moving image, and space.


As a point of departure, the work utilizes Hobbs’ 16mm black and white film, where the work’s visual imagery directs a pensive and concentrated gaze at the sun itself, forming a type of melancholic and abstract environment. The notion of staring at the sun has been linked throughout history with ideas of insanity, mortality, and depression - from clinical notes on psychiatric patients to fictional and mythological characters - this act describes the desire to overcome rational thinking and lose one’s self in the sun. Here, the film takes this act/action literally, capturing the sun’s strength and enigmatic beauty as it burns its image onto the film. Shot in various locations where the sun plays a dominate role in the landscape (including Death Valley and the Virgin Islands), the film’s imagery moves away from the portrayl of a locational identity, and replaces “place” with a psychological state created by the sun and its effects.


Rie Nakajima considers sculpture as an experience. For this collaboration, in response to Hobbs’ film, Nakajima has created a work with dense, physical sound which uses an underlying, tonal track composed on a reed organ. The work express a physical and audial landscape, when paired with the Hobbs’ 16mm film installation, creates a situation that induces one to float between consciousness and sub-consciousness.


For the work presented at Milton Kynes, Nakajima will include an aspect of performance, where she will orchestrate a variety of objects and kinetics. In doing so, the space between image, sound and object is constantly collapsing and reforming, creating new boundaries as the work inhabits and shifts the environment in which it is set.

February 2013