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Thursday Scratch Nights

Live Music: The Kurws, 29:90 and Malgrupp

The Kurws

The Kurws

The Kurws

Live Music - Talk Amongst Yourselves presents:
The Kurws, Målgrupp and 29.90

Thursday 21 March / 7pm / £5 on the door


Polish band The Kurws formed spontaneously in May 2008 following a ping-pong session! They draw on Punk Rock influences as well as the Rock & Roll tradition, garage/surf, krautrock, rotten funk, no wave or the British Postpunk scene. Working within the context of musical fusion and deconstruction, their ambition is to remain fresh and organic, taking risks with collective improvisation.  Their debut album “Dziura w getcie” (“Hole in a ghetto”) was released overseas.


Swedish duo Lotti Solovitsky and Nini Maakestad formed 29:90 early last year; their first gig was as support to Italian duo Trouble V's Glue in Stockholm. Their music has a rough-sounding machine-like rhythm, where African bells and Tom-Tom drums bounce above high pitched voices with live dubbing, singing babbles, lalas and songs about school bullying, compulsive behaviour and the texture of an abusive tongue.  Their influences include Jun Togawa, Cold Wave, DIY and Avant-garde music from the late 1970s and 1980s.  They are currently planning a full length LP.


Målgrupp (Swedish for selected group) founded by Julian Murray is a constantly evolving collective of expressive individuals who explore exploitation, decay and the precariousness of contemporary times through their performances. Expect industrial beats, sequencers, trumpets, delay racks and performers expressing themselves with their bodies and minds.  Since forming in 2006 their output has encompassed Fanzine, LP and cassette releases, exhibitions, performances and workshops.  Their debut album The Young Ones Boogie, is due for release early in 2013.

March 2013