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Thursday Scratch Nights

Film Screening: Acoustic Images

Dry Stone Waller

Dry Stone Waller' (detail), by Jacob Robinson and Kelvin Brown

Dry Stone Waller' (detail), by Jacob Robinson and Kelvin Brown

Film Screening: Acoustic Images
Thursday 26 September / 6.30pm / Free


This Acoustic Images programme brings together a selection of exciting new work by students graduating this summer from the Visual Communication course at the Royal College of Art, London.


Subject matter and approach ranges from a documentary exploring the apocalyptic Mayan prophecy in a small village in south west France and a sensitive portrait of a five hundred year old building process, to hard edged digitally manipulated landscapes and short 'sketches' caught on iPhone camera.


Films and Artists:


Kelvin Brown, The view from below, 1min 4 secs.

Anna Ogden-Smith, Flight #RK 929, 2 mins 20 secs; Clear blue skies, 2 mins 20 secs & Smoke gets in your eyes, 2 mins 2 secs

Helene van Hoecke, C'est pas la fin du monde, 25 mins 15 secs
Jaime Jenkinson, Spokes on lightbox, 2 mins 12 secs
Jennifer Nightingale, West window, East Window, 2 mins 11 secs (extract)
Fan Hong, The Volcano Yellow Spider, 4 mins 12 secs
Sandra Djukic, A thorough portrayal, 38 mins
Jack Oelmann Perez, Going nowhere fast, 7 mins 3 secs
Netalie Ron-Raz, A wall for a picture, 3 mins 37 secs
Kelvin Brown and Jacob Robinson, Dry Stone Waller,  4 mins 37 secs
Gareth Polmeer, Sea, 1 min
Anastasia Kirilova, Knots on the road, an extract from the impossible return of Nina Lecerf, 7 min 7 secs
Ekaterina Skurikhina, Nietzschezerra Exclusive, 2 mins 46 secs & You know there's no afterlife, 1 min 52 secs
Mariana Rottenstein Nemar, With glitter in the eyes, 4 mins 40 secs
Jamie Jenkinson, Grate, 2 mins 13 secs & Botanical Gardens, 1 min 40 secs
Lise Hovesen, Venezuela in Venn, 3 mins 58 secs
Nicky Hamlyn, Jaures, 3 mins 3 secs & La Defence, 3 mins 3 secs
Yuen Hsieh, Body copyright, 5 mins
Caterina Vasconcelos, Metaphor or sadness inside out, 5 mins 52 secs
Natalia Lewandowska, The Stimulant 4 mins 30 secs (extract)


September 2013





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