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Thursday Scratch Nights

Permutations: Dawn Scarfe and Jiyeon Kim


Permutations: Dawn Scarfe and Jiyeon Kim

Thursday 7 November / 7pm / Free



An evening of sound and music that responds to the themes of Peter Dreher's paintings.

Dawn Scarfe performs Tuning to Spheres a work for wine glasses, sine tone generators and turntables. In the manner of an acoustic experiment, sine tones are carefully tuned to the resonant frequencies of different wine glasses, producing beating effects.


Jiyeon Kim presents one candle (glimmering) an audio-visual performance which uses a camera, puredata and a solar cell pick up to turn the fluctuating patterns of a candle flame into a soundtrack that evolves in real-time, reminiscent of Reuben's tube displays. The piece was first performed in Seoul with media art collective Upcycle Roundup.


There will also be an opportunity to participate in a group performance of John White's classic Drinking and Hooting Machine in which players blow over the top of glass bottles, altering the tone by taking taking sips, swigs, or gulps according to a table of instructions.




Dawn Scarfe has recently been sleeping in the woods as 'Embedded' Artist in Residence with The Forestry Commission England and Sound and Music. Her work includes installation, performance and field recording, often employing fragile materials such as glass resonators and lenses. Recent exhibitions include Tuned City Brussles, Sound Art ZKM Karlsruhe, TONSPUR Vienna and ARTe SONoro Madrid.

Jiyeon Kim is a Seoul-based sound artist and musician working with field recording, composition, and AV manipulation as a means of exploring the environment and ephemeral phenomena. She is currently supported by the Touch Mentorship Programme. Performances include Seoul Art Spaces Seokyo and Mullae, Cafe O:wl, Seongnam, Korea, Stazione di Topolo, Italy, Ausland, Berlin, Cafe Oto, London.



November 2013