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Café Scientifique MK - Dynamic riverscapes: Letting rivers do their thing

Image: Andrew Kerr

Image: Andrew Kerr

Image: Andrew Kerr

Café Scientifique - Dynamic riverscapes: Letting rivers do their thing

Wednesday 18 March / 6.30pm / Free / Pre-booking essential


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All too often we take our rivers for granted. Even if we use, enjoy or appreciate rivers regularly, we tend to view them as static entities, forever there and unchanging, a part of the landscape. That is, until they ‘misbehave’ and fill up with silt or end up in our back garden during a flood. That’s when we realise that rivers are actually dynamic, that if we left them alone they would evolve over time. Rivers migrate, rivers flood, rivers build and destroy. This dynamism is a fundamental aspect of river behaviour, and is absolutely crucial to the ecological and human communities that they sustain.


Join us to hear Dr Bob Grabowski, from Cranfield University, discuss how we can foster more natural riverscapes by giving rivers space to do their thing, and develop a more sustainable approach to river management.


March 2015