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Saturday Live Music

Eloïse Decazes and Eric Chenaux, Le fruit vert

Eloïse Decazes and Eric Chenaux

Eloïse Decazes and Eric Chenaux

Eloïse Decazes and Eric Chenaux

Eloïse Decazes and Eric Chenaux, Le fruit vert

Saturday 30 September / Doors 8pm / £6 (£5 in advance)


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Eloïse Decazes & Eric Chenaux 
Eloïse Decazes is a french singer. She sings in the band Arlt and appears in many different projects with people such as Delphine Dora and stranded horse. Eric Chenaux is Canadian guitar player living in Paris. His solo works are released on Constellation records. 

"La Bride, the second collaboration between Chenaux and French singer Eloïse Decazes (half of the Velvet Underground-ish chanson duo Arlt), might appear the most straightforward or chaste, a reinvention of traditional French balladry that floats on an air of melancholic minstrelsy and Pentangle charm, whether on the chivalrous pan-Celtic reel of “Dedans La Ville De Plaisantement” or the symbolically obscure but tragic “Le Flambeau D’Amour”. But Chenaux’s guitars bend and warp, sliding, detuning and droning throughout, while Decazes continues to “deroot” vocal traditions, as icily detached as Chenaux’s wah-wah, wobble and fractures are dispassionate in their accompaniment to these songs of unlucky deaths, romantic misfortune and violence." (Katrina Dixon, The Wire Magazine)



Le fruit vert
Le fruit vert is a bicephalous project led by Andrea-Jane Cornell and Marie-Douce St-Jacques. Portrayed as “priestesses of melancolie” the duo engenders a singular style of music that is perched on the threshold of torpid song, psychedelic refrain and spectral hypnosis. In November 2013, after two years of existence, Le fruit vert released Passiflore, an EP on Montreal imprint Los discos enfantasmes (Jefre Cantu-Ledesma, Ben Vida, Greg Davis, Ramzi). Decoder magazine described the cassette as one of the most unusual releases, and easily one of the more interesting debuts. Le fruit vert has been programmed alongside Preterite, Richard Youngs, Circuit des Yeux, Holly Herndon, Eric Chenaux, and Bill Nace, in locales as varied as the Casa del Popolo, Montreal’s Museum of Contemporary Art, and a wild-life preserve in the Mauricie, Quebec. In 2015, choreographer Karine Denault (L’Aune) incorporated several of their compositions in her solo show entitled L’échappée. The discerning ear detects the influences of pioneers Delia Derbyshire and Éliane Radigue in their music.

"An aural paradise, a moment of pure ecstasy, has often been the desired ne plus ultra for pop compositions. I would argue that the closest to this maxim anyone has come to this year has happened, strangely and gorgeously, on Le Fruit Vert's LP Paon Perdu. It's an album whose meditations hang in the balance between every moment of silence. It takes detailed care over every note, musing delightfully by taking time and giving space to breathe, but also carries in its belly the quite-often brilliant, earworming pop melodies that make it remarkable. [...] Entirely a meditation on sound and feeling, Paon Perdu isolates noises through a difference of harmony and position. No track is too hasty, but rather they each accept their practice as a study in selection and reaction to sound. The music of Le Fruit Vert exists in a gray area between anonymity and familiarity. It’s a technique that binds their music tightly to emotional vulnerability as they poke at the human condition, always with cheer and curiosity galore." (Elijah Fosl - The Le Sigh)



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