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Saturday Live Music

Headcase & Some Waking Woman

Some Waking Woman

Some Waking Woman

Some Waking Woman

Sim Hutchins, Graw Böckler & O.D.Davey present:

Headcase & Some Waking Woman

Saturday 27 January / Doors 8pm / Free


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Headcase: Sound and video by Sim Hutchins & words by O.D. Davey

The unspoken hindrance to connecting the proven benefits of mindfulness meditation to the wider public is that, in their unrelenting calmness, openness and positivity, guided meditation sessions can often provoke a feeling of creepiness or embarrassment, particularly to a British public ill-at-ease with openly expressing positive emotion and whose ideas of the uncanny and the eerie have been influenced by figures within myth and popular culture whose characteristics often resemble that of a meditation leader; the disquieting, inhuman calm, control and smile of a cult-member, a robot, a zombie.

Headcase asks whether revelling in negativity, and the national humour to be found therein, can be harnessed to the same ends as its positive counterpart. And, if not, whether something pleasingly twisted can at least be achieved in its stead. Following on from the success of his debut album, I Enjoy To Sweep A Room (No Pain In Pop), Headcase provides Sim Hutchins with a unique means of distributing a more ambient body of original works, both informed by and informing the words of O.D.Davey, whose continuing White Paint Spills project offers a similarly banal, British and contrarian slant on ideas of mindfulness and shared consciousness. Both artists misspent their youth together in the timeless rave scene of rural Essex and therefore Headcase is also a homage to the joy that can be found within the kind of communal acknowledgement of playful aggression, filth and menace that carried on the back of jungle, two-step and grime and served as a self-aware counterpoint to the hippy-ideals that fuelled the free-party movement.



Some Waking Woman: Super-8 reels by Graw Böckler & songs by O.D. Davey 

The Super-8 reels are unedited so that their contingencies and mistakes remain. Each reel has one theme and lasts approximately two minutes and twenty-two seconds, as all super-8 reels are bound to. Each song therefore lasts the same when bound to its reel. There’s a feeling you can get when you’re living the story projected in front of you and the movie reel ends and the screen burns white; it can be like when a dream ends and it’s never convenient. Although each reel and each song has a story of its own, they play together something like a memory of one another; like one haunting the other the way present and past can; the way sadness and happiness can; the way the lives of others, which time and space can no longer hide, can haunt one’s own and yours theirs. The reels are presented in the order in which they appear on Davey’s album Some Waking Woman. Graw Böckler and O.D.Davey chose each reel together, looking for something intuitive that bound the image and song to tell a new story, be that something sentiment, comedy, fantasy, mystery.

"Some Waking Woman isn’t an anthem nor an elegy, although it has moments of both. In the hands of O.D.Davey, the ordinary surfaces of a life like the one everyone actually has are made to glimmer weirdly with the inevitable love, loss and resignation underneath them. The comedy underneath it all. These are touching, intricate ballads with melodies of nursery-rhyme sweetness, but as reimagined by a failed nineties gameshow host, humming his old theme-tunes as he staggers back home pissed after closing time. But they’re songs of love, for all that." (Joey Connolly)





January 2018