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Saturday Live Music

Structured Disasters present The Suggested Remedies


Structured Disasters present The Suggested Remedies

Saturday 3 February / Doors 8pm / £5 on the door


Yol (Throat/Junk)
Master of Kinetic Poetry. Hoarse throat, metallic tinkle and  shattered lungs. The crackle and fizz of a blowtorch blistering paint. He’s the “cross between Phil Minton and the New Blockaders”. Reflecting the urban, a song of a wasteland bounded by razor wire, a bleak and underappreciated space. “A symphony of petrochemical by-products and constant spiralling pressure”. “A furious mantra, a liverish canvas of guttural diatribes, sprayed from a catheter thrust deep into a wrecked larynx. His ravenously idiosyncratic noise poetry lays out a panoply of coughed up garbage, sometimes pre-linguistic in its primal rage, at other times throwing down human words and sentences which have been warped by huge internal pressures and then ejected into the universe by bodily heaves and emotional turbulence”.



Daniel J Gregory (Junk/Objects/Rubbish)
Dan Gregory (born 1938) comes from the Eastend of London. Before finding salvation in music he had performed many and varied jobs, most noticeably as high end “bit of rough”, offering various types of unethical massage to women of “a certain age” at a very reasonable rate. A chance meeting with Spinecakes whilst escaping the boudoir of a high profile mistress secured the musical association. Lengthy periods of unnecessary self-indulgence resulted in the him hanging out with Moore and Curtis on the set of the Persuaders. Negotiations for the Persuaders film soundtrack came to nothing. In desperation Dan has recently returned to his Eastender routes and has taken up market trading specialising in East Asian hedge funds and illegal Japanoise vinyl. Dan is a founding member of Structured Disasters and performs alongside Mark Browne with Lust Rollers and the large Rack Screams ensemble.



Plus more acts to be confirmed. 

February 2018