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Saturday Live Music

Structured Disasters present The Suggested Remedies


Structured Disasters present The Suggested Remedies

Saturday 3 February / Doors 8pm / £5 on the door


Yol (Throat/Junk)
Master of Kinetic Poetry. Hoarse throat, metallic tinkle and  shattered lungs. The crackle and fizz of a blowtorch blistering paint. He’s the “cross between Phil Minton and the New Blockaders”. Reflecting the urban, a song of a wasteland bounded by razor wire, a bleak and underappreciated space. “A symphony of petrochemical by-products and constant spiralling pressure”. “A furious mantra, a liverish canvas of guttural diatribes, sprayed from a catheter thrust deep into a wrecked larynx. His ravenously idiosyncratic noise poetry lays out a panoply of coughed up garbage, sometimes pre-linguistic in its primal rage, at other times throwing down human words and sentences which have been warped by huge internal pressures and then ejected into the universe by bodily heaves and emotional turbulence”.



Daniel J Gregory (Junk/Objects/Rubbish)
Dan Gregory (born 1938) comes from the Eastend of London. Before finding salvation in music he had performed many and varied jobs, most noticeably as high end “bit of rough”, offering various types of unethical massage to women of “a certain age” at a very reasonable rate. A chance meeting with Spinecakes whilst escaping the boudoir of a high profile mistress secured the musical association. Lengthy periods of unnecessary self-indulgence resulted in the him hanging out with Moore and Curtis on the set of the Persuaders. Negotiations for the Persuaders film soundtrack came to nothing. In desperation Dan has recently returned to his Eastender routes and has taken up market trading specialising in East Asian hedge funds and illegal Japanoise vinyl. Dan is a founding member of Structured Disasters and performs alongside Mark Browne with Lust Rollers and the large Rack Screams ensemble.



Spinecakes (Electronics, misc)

Born in 1921, starting life as the seventh son, of the seventh son of some minor English Royals. The silver spoon of this low ranking toff extended to a boarding school education, holidays in the South of France, and many introductions to various types of turpitude. Fast running out of funds in the early 80s and becoming notorious after alleged liaisons with both Jerry Hall and Jade Jagger in the 90s, Mark was required to reluctantly embark on a career in music. Having no other talent than an unnerving awareness of natural occurring magnetic fields, his chosen area of expertise was to become a practitioner in lo-fi electronics.



Lee Riley (Electric guitar abuse)

"His sound veers from the almost imperceptible to terrifying. Be warned" (Nightshift, May 2014)


"Lee's practise is a pure art approach to soundscape and noise. He uses traditional instruments and equipment (guitars, pedals) with some modifications to produces glacial walls of texture and density" (Tertium Quid)

"Riley’s electronic music manipulates and distorts sound to create an aural realm that is stark, metallic and at times claustrophobic" (Black White Score)

"A post-apocalyptic doom landscape. Layered textures and beautiful noise structures, barely heard human wails floating on a nuclear wind" (

"An impressionistic vision of a massive mechanised ocean" (

"The result is cyclic creations of brittle blares" (Drowned in Sound)



Aylwin (Blood and Mess)

A vinyl fetishist of the most dubious nature, Aylwin resists description, being neither animal, vegetable or mineral. What similarities he displays with the rest of humanity is purely illusionary, if not superficial. A purveyor of a world that rips sounds from the ordinary: caressing tones from scraped crockery, tinkles and jangles from broken glass, rasps and crashes from a metal shelf or junkshop ornamental artefact. A refined ear for the sonic possibilities of rubbish and junk coupled with a larger than life performance persona. However, there’s little point in predicting the instrumentation for a concert (or any other aspect of the performance). Much will be gathered on the day, some objects may be salvaged from the bloody remains of a previous concert. And there will be blood. Aylwin is as out of control as an undesirable virus.



Spasebar (SquidCore)

An absence of traditional schooling, child prodigy Alec was exhibited by his father Leopold around all of the major European cities before the age of 5. The trauma of the freakshow lifestyle and being under the public gaze for so many years took its toll on Alec who for some years after became reclusive and unwashed. Abandoning his early heroes, Nick Drake and Howard Hughes, he developed the persona of a be-suited street gangster, stubbing cigarettes out on his forehead was a regular act of defiance. His character became even more slippery, as he developed a morbid taste for home grown foie gras and the ritual killing of baby animals.




Jonny Hill and Tom White

This is the first time that Jonny Hill & Tom White will perform together as a duo. 


Despite a long and fruitful relationship, the only previous occasion that the pair shared a stage was 6 years ago for an educational performance in which they, along with eager participants from the local area, amplified the inner electromagnetic workings of audience member's mobile phones. An act which resulted in many displeased facial expressions from the parents and guardians present.


On this occasion, however, they will be sure to take a much subtler approach, with audience participation strictly prohibited and perhaps even met with disdain.



February 2018