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Talks & Workshops

South East Future Sounds Project


South East Future Sounds Project

Friday 30 March / 2-4pm / Free

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Our society is dominated by the visual and the quality of our sonic environments is often of minority importance, this project seeks to test the potential for sound work and acoustic design to confront and explore these issues, reflecting the possibilities for new collaborations between artists, authorities and their communities. This project will build on previous work by C&R and will combine leading edge technology with participatory sessions in order to produce work that goes beyond mere representations of issues to work where we collaborate with local people to find solutions to present issues and imagine the sonic future of your spaces.


Over the next 3 months C&R will be in Milton Keynes recording sounds and talking to people about how the places in which they live, work and relax in all sound and how they might sound in the future. The results of these sessions will go on to inform the sounds and content of a touring show in 2019.






Call & Response is an independent arts space, serving as a focus for sound arts practice in London. We provide an artist run space for the exhibition and performance of sonic artworks, reflecting the emerging interest in the use of the auditory in contemporary art. C&R help artists develop their practice, providing high quality technical resources as well as education and training opportunities. We also critically engage with audiences by exploring different modes of participation through workshops, lectures, symposia and publications.






  Arts Council England


March 2018