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Thursday Scratch Nights

Project Wild Thing


Project Wild Thing

Thursday 24 May / 7pm / Free, booking required


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Project Wild Thing is a feature-length documentary film. It has also kickstarted The Wild Network - a network of people and organisations who are on a mission to rewild childhood. Only 1 in 10 children regularly play in wild places. Children’s roaming area has shrunk by 90% in a generation. Today, more children can identify a Dalek than a magpie.

The movement aims to find and share inspiration and ideas so that people can rewild their family, community or school. If we find ways to do that we can really change things in three big ways: 


Children’s mental and physical health are improved in the outdoors, if they are indoors they are simply less active and less exposed to nature.


Playing outdoors and exploring nature is an essential part of a happy childhood, helping children to build friendships, get to know their community and grow confidence.


If children do not connect with the natural world, they’re unlikely to care enough about the environment to fight to look after it.The Wild Network is now a collaborative network of organisations and thousands of individuals. Our membership is diverse: From conservation charities and schools, to healthcare providers, local government, children’s charities and individuals.



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May 2018


What are Scratch Nights?

Happening every Thursday evening at the Gallery, Scratch Nights are a series of events by emerging local and national practitioners working in music/sound, film, expanded cinema, performance and spoken word.


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