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Saturday Live Music

Structured Disasters


Structured Disasters:

Rack Screams, Jon Samsworth and co, Lust Rollers

Saturday 26 May / Doors 8pm / £5 on the door


Rack Screams
Rack Screams have been delivering their riotous performances and museum installations for several years. If Lust Rollers, Spinecakes and Aylwin represent the smaller elements of Structured Disasters, Rack Screams is the monolith, multidisciplinary all-encompassing disaster waiting to happen. Rack Screams are: Adrian Dollemore (Glockenspiel), drone and textural guitar, a regular performer at MK Gallery. Spinecakes, interactive electronics. Aylwin, junk and noise. Mark Browne, heavy riff laden guitar. Ryan Mawbey, drums. Jake Mouncher, bass guitar. Joanna Beck, live painting.



Jon Samsworth and co.

Structured Disasters

A new piece written specifically for this event, existing on the boundary between hypnotic, interlocking rhythms and group improvisation - African drums, percussion, dance beats, abstract guitar and kitchenware pulse and clatter in and out of synchronicity.  


Jon Samsworth:

Jon Samsworth is a multi instrumentalist & composer based in Aylesbury. He is the former guitarist of The Alpha Males, a band who amongst other things performed with Lol Coxhill, played at raves and made a film about a burning piano. Jon is also ex film composer, most notably for budget gorefests The Scar Crow and The Haunting of Ellie Rose which he used as an opportunity to invent ever more original and unsettling soundworlds. 


Having left film scoring behind Jon’s debut instrumental EP Without Words was released in March. The detailed compositions that weave together rock, chamber music and unusual sound sources have recently attracted positive attention on Stuart Maconie’s Freak Zone (Radio 6 Music) and Tom Robinson’s Fresh on the Net blog.


Malcolm Smith:

Malcolm Smith is an offworld percussionist who loves polyrhythms.After extensive ongoing studies and performances with West African master drummers, he teaches djembe and dun duns. A lifetime of deep listening and record collecting has led to composing music in many diverse genres. His other main instruments are Himalayan singing bowls, acoustic piano and analogue synthesisers.


Viktor Volaric-Horvat:

Viktor is a groove-oriented musician, and likes to keep it gritty. Form is important, but new forms only morph from bending the framework. Never be afraid to break it.



Lust Rollers

This will be a solo performance by Mark Browne: (saxophones /collected objects/film). Mark Browne picked up a saxophone in 1980 first playing alto and then soprano and sopranino (affectionately referred to as the castrata and piranho saxphones). 1983-86 playing with Cockpit Improvised Music with Adam Bohman, Jonathon Bohman, Richard Crow, Nick Couldry, Paul Bevan and Teddy Coleridge. An occasional member of Conspiracy with Adam Bohman, Andy Hammond, John Telfer and Nick Couldry. 1984-2009 duo with Steve Nash (The Fanatics Of Disaster/The Fastidious Amateurs Of Grief). 1994 performed around Denmark as a guest of Martin Klapper. Throughout the 1990s occasional concerts and recording with Lol Coxhill. Late 1990s changed instrumentation to incorporate collected objects (small percussion, bowed objects, bone, glass and game calls). Attended the first Eddie Prevost workshops. 2006-13 member of the Roland Ramanan Tentet. 2007-2012 guitar and saxophone playing with the Alpha Males. 2010 formed Crush!!! with Sonic Pleasure and Ian MacGowan. In 2015, Structured Disasters was formed with Dan Gregory, Mark Gerard and Aylwin. 2015 – present recording and performing as Lust Rollers with Dan Gregory, and as Nostalgia Blocks with Richard Sanderson.



May 2018