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Michael Craig-Martin exterior commission

24.9.2004 – 30.11.1999

This, Craig-Martin’s most ambitious project to date, comprised the complete transformation of the gallery building itself into a painted artwork and fittingly marked MK G’s 5th anniversary. MK G was enveloped in the artist’s distinctive magenta hue, in the same make of acrylic paint that he uses daily in his studio. This accounts for the intense pigmentation achieved on the building exterior. For the artist, the selected magenta is an ‘artificial’ colour, ‘without obvious placement, and of a richness and vibrancy that other colours do not have’.


On the main entrance façade Craig-Martin painted an immense empty turquoise drawer. For him the commission suggested a logical yet daring progression from painted canvas, to wall mural, to a 3-D artwork that visitors can literally enter and exit. It was his latest in a series of works (including the Laban Dance Centre and ‘The Fan’ at Regents Place in London) in which he has sought to integrate art and architecture.

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