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Call for Contributions to next exhibition


Call for MK residents to contribute to next MK Gallery exhibition


The concept for MK Gallery's December exhibition, MK2morrow: One Small Step for Milton Keynes is a futuristic Milton Keynes established on a distant planet. The exhibition will be presented across three themed rooms - The Pub at the End of The Universe, Massive Tiny Space Colony and The MK2 Survival Kit. For more details click here.


MK residents and gallery visitors are invited to join in a discussion about Milton Keynes, past, present and future, and to participate in the making of the exhibition in the following three ways:


1. by submitting stories, anecdotes, myths and facts related to MK as part of the opportunity to rewrite MK history.


2. by contributing 'how to' cards for the 'MK2 Survival Kit' that will be used as a reference guide for the MK2 Colony.


3. by building a simple, card architectural model for the 'Massive Tiny Space Colony' installation which will form part of the exhibition.


Hannah Heys of Lost & Found, MK Gallery's Young People's Group who commissioned the exhibition from Black Dogs on behalf of MK Gallery, said: "The participatory nature of Black Dogs' exhibition proposal is what particularly caught our imagination. We would encourage anyone and everyone to participate in MK2morrow!"