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December 2014 Video Space

Hollis Frampton: Nostalgia, 1971 (film still)

Hollis Frampton: Nostalgia, 1971 (film still)

Hollis Frampton: Nostalgia, 1971 (film still)

Hollis Frampton: Nostalgia, 1971 (film still)

Curated by the New City Art Prize artists

1 - 31 December 2014


New City Art Prize artists select films that have influenced their practice. 


Beatrice Gibson - Mark Leckey: Fiorucci Made Me Hardcore (1999)

Jimmy Merris - Jonas Mekas: Letter to Penny Arcade (2001)

Roger Palmer - Hollis Frampton: Nostalgia (1971)



Mark Leckey

Fiorucci Made Me Hardcore (1999)

14 min 45 sec


"...perhaps the finest portrayal of British nightlife ever captured." (The Guardian)


Fiorucci Made Me Hardcore uses found and original footage of discos and raves across Britain during the 70s, 80s and 90s. Details of clothing, technology, music and other cultural references surface briefly like uncanny folklore as the film explores a culture of collective leisure and consumption.



Jonas Mekas

Letter to Penny Arcade (2001)

14 min 46 sec


Jonas Mekas is a Lithuanian-American filmmaker, poet and artist who has often been called "the godfather of American avant-garde cinema".


Letter to Penny Arcade was taped on June 25, 2001, in Mekas' 491 Broadway loft and is described as his 'declaration of love to New York City'.


Hollis Frampton

Nostalgia (1971)

38 min


"In his 1971 short film, (nostalgia), American artist and writer Hollis Frampton oveturned the conventional narrative roles of words and images. In his account of an artists's transformation from photographer to filmmaker, Frampton burns photographs he had taken and selected from his past along with one found photograph. A calm voice tells a story about an image, but the story is about the following image, not the one shown. Confounding comprehension still further, the narration begins and ends during the photograph's combustion; smoke and ashes get in our eyes while we are trying to make sense of the image and the narration--trying to remember the story that fits the image, trying to remember the image that fits the story..." (The MIT Press)



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