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August: Video Space

Inghild Karlsen, Running

Inghild Karlsen, Running

Inghild Karlsen, Running

A monthly programme of films in our first floor Video Space.


1 - 31 August 2012

Admission free / Running throughout normal opening hours


Film & Video Art in Norway, 1960-90

Curated by: Farhad Kalantary


Film & Video Art in Norway, 1960-90 is a long-term research project which aims for comprehensive examination of artistsʼ film and video works since the 1960s. Initiated by the artist-run space Atopia the Retrospective intends to develop and explore historical context of experimental film and video art in Norway.



Erik Borge, Nedfall (Fallout)

35mm, Colour, Sound, 11 min. 1964


Rolf Aamot, Evolusjon (Evolution)

2-inch quad videotape, B/W, Sound, 8 min. 1966


Arild Kristo, Kristoball 

35mm, B/W, Sound, 11 min. 1967


Laurie Grundt & Eva Acking, Rosen (The Rose) 

16mm, Colour, Sound, 8 min. 1969


Kjartan Slettemark, Nixon Visions

16mm, Colour, Sound, 4 min. 1971


Marianne Heske, A Video Point of View

U-matic, B/W, Sound, 3 min. 1977


Jeremy Welsh, I.O.D 

U-Matic, Colour, Sound, 5 min. 1982


Terje Munthe, Video Audio Ago

VHS, Colour, Sound, 2.30 min. 1983


Kjell Bjørgeengen, Night Round 2

U-Matic, Colour, Sound, 3 min. 1984


Inghild Karlsen, Running

8mm film, B/W, Silent, 7 min. 1988


Torhild Aukan, Tjønna (The Pond)

16mm, B/W, Sound, 5 min. 1989-90


Total Running Time: 67:30 Minutes

What is Video Space?

A changing monthly programme of films in our first floor Video Space


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