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New Art MK: Caroline Devine

New Art MK

Caroline Devine


My work focuses on the voice and frequently involves the transformation of text into sound. I am interested in exploring voices that may be obscured, silenced or are in some way absent. I work with sounds that are discarded or disregarded – that need to be extracted, teased out and expanded so that they can be sculpted and explored. I perform, record or synthesize most of my sounds, building them from scratch in order to manipulate them digitally and using my own voice and the voices of others as raw material for composition.


I am fascinated by spatial aspects of sound - the spaces within and around sounds as well as secondary or indirect sounds that are instigated by a sequence of events such as sympathetic resonance in strings, room resonance, reverberation and echo. My installations exploit spatial aspects of sound through the use of multi-channel speaker arrangements. I work with sine waves in order to produce acoustic phenomena that can be explained by the mathematical relationship between tones. My practice is a mixture of experimental and process driven, informed by a musical background and investigating the boundaries between music and sound/sound and silence/signal and noise.


Acoustic technologies are increasingly being used to influence human behaviour and the relationship between sound and power is a recurrent theme in my work. For Recording Contract Recordings, I have chosen to explore the absent “legal” voice that is the backbone of the commercial recording industry as well as the relationship of power that exists within systems for the distribution of sound and music. To this end, I have repurposed a recording contract, a vinyl disc and horn speakers more commonly recognised as a system for public address, the distribution of background music or the circulation of orders. 


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New Art MK 

Eight Artists From Milton Keynes 

8 July – 18 September


An exciting group exhibition by eight emerging artists from Milton Keynes.










Sound extract from Recording Contract Recordings (vertical slice).



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Which artists have been most influential to your practice?

Laurie Anderson

Delia Derbyshire

Janet Cardiff

Alvin Lucier

John Wynne

John Zorn



What has been your most memorable exhibition at MK Gallery?

Marcus Coates: Psychopomp


What's your favourite YouTube clip?

Dr Hans Jenny resonance clip