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December 2013 Video Space

Miles Umney, The Ouse, 2013. Film still.

Miles Umney, The Ouse, 2013. Film still.

Miles Umney, The Ouse, 2013. Film still.

Miles Umney: The Ouse

1 - 31 December 2013


A looped screening in the first floor Video Space throughout advertised gallery opening hours.  Access via stairs or lift. 


The Ouse is an on-going video project about Milton Keynes. It comprises a single film remade and represented a number of times throughout the summer of 2013. The title is taken from the River Great Ouse, which passes through the north of Milton Keynes.  


The project is an attempt to find new ways of understanding and representing Milton Keynes. It looks at the various systems through which the town can be defined - historic, geographic, architectural etc. as well as individual, momentary experience and thought, considering the way the former might be embodied in the latter, and the latter the former. The project aims to find ways to see and feel and know more. To find ways to get at the heart of a moment, a place, 'the soul of an experience' (Don Delillo). And somehow to locate or produce within this a kind of subject. That of the artist, or a viewer, or a hypothetical inhabitant of the town.  


The Ouse was developed by Miles Umney as part of Made in MK, a mini-festival co-ordinated by the Milton Keynes Arts & Heritage Alliance (AHA-MK).