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New Art MK: Frazer Waller

New Art MK

Carbooting By Frazer Waller


Car boot sales occur every weekend all over the country from school playgrounds, fields, and even an outdoor music arena.  Sellers and buyers from all walks of life gather to either sell off unwanted clutter from there garages and attics or go along to search for that bargain that will come in handy or be the perfect gift.


These markets a great way of recycling unwanted items such as electronic products. Normally old electronics are thrown away or taken to a tip to be dismantled or even buried in a landfill site. Reports have been documented on illegal exports of electronic waste to third world countries. This is causing big problems not only for the workers health but for the environment also. 


This series of photographs looks into the world of the car boot sale exploring the buzz of people searching for there bargain's, the sellers, and my fascination with the randomness of objects that reside next to each other, waiting to be sold on to there new owner.


This is a work in progress shot entirely on film and hand printed by myself at the Rapid Eye Darkroom in London. I would like to thank them for their support and passion in keeping traditional photographic practices alive.



About the Artist

Born in Bletchley 1975, I was introduced to photography by my father at around the age of eight and was often told about my grandfather making his own enlarger and being a keen photographer. It wasn’t long until my father taught me how to process black and white film in a cupboard under the stairs.


In my last year at Lord Grey School I took a AS level in photography and it was here I realised photography was the best medium I could express my self and this led me on to study photography further.


Forfeiting higher education for a job in a studio I followed a commercial path and after different photographic jobs worked as a local press photographer. Starting at the Herald that then merged with the Citizen. This was a great training ground and helped me find my way. I started to shoot music and sport images in my spare time of friends and the activities we loved. I left the paper in 2001 just as the darkroom turned digital and since then have worked freelance supplying various magazines with features and images of Music and “Action” Sports. Titles include Jockey Slut, Mixmag, DJ, Times, Guardian on the music side and sport wise Snowboard UK, Document Snow, Alliance Wake, Mountain Bike UK, and Mountain Bike Rider.


Over the past few years came to realised that my job had suppressed the reason photography appealed to me as a medium to show how I see the world. Photography had become a source to be able to live and pay the everyday bills. These thoughts rekindled something and now working on various projects and regularly exhibiting. I joined a local group called Catchlight Collective where we discuss photography, create assignments to fulfill and exhibit together.


I was accepted to participate in a Magnum Photo’s workshop in Barcelona in 2009. I spent a week working with the Magnum photographer Chris Steele-Perkins to produce a few images to be projected at a photography festival at the end of the week. This process gave me more confidence and focus to work more on my own reportage projects and since led me to apply for the Community Foundation Arts Bursary with the help of friends and family.


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Which artists have been most influential to your practice?

Henri Cartier-Bresson

Robert Frank

Martin Parr

Elliott Erwitt


What has been your most memorable exhibition at MK Gallery?

Gerard Byrne


What's your favourite YouTube clip?

Harry Hill, Hornophone