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Holger Kilumets

Holger Kilumets

The Void

25 - 31 July 2013


This photographic self-portrait series, created by Holger Kilumets a second year student at the University of Bedfordshire, aims to explore the dualistic nature of human existence and the sense of alienation that occurs as a result. Kilumets says “Each individual coexists in two conflicting realities: one being the objective external world shared with all humans and the other, the subjective internal world belonging solely to themselves”.


In each photograph a solitary figure, facing away from the camera and the viewer, and looking into a ‘void’ of whiteness, represents the simultaneous existence of both states of existence. The figure exists in a transitional space between reality and abstraction, between being and non-being, but by exploring this space Kilumets hopes to enable unity and synthesis. 

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