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January: Video Space

Film still, Schulen.

Film still, Schulen.

Film still, Schulen.

Arsenal – Institute for Film and Video Art

The World Will Devour You, So You Better Taste Good


Admission free / During normal opening hours


An international program of films from Arsenal Institute for Film and Video Art in Berlin, previously screened in 2011 as part of e-flux’s video screening series in New York.


Inspired by the split screen video as a format that doubles the sphere of power to create a world of fantasies and ghosts, this program presents a selection of works that consider the encounter of two or more elements that fight and seduce each other, playing out the politics of power. In Shelly Silver’s video 1, 2001, about longing threat, power and seduction, a group of cops laugh and talk, while scanning the street for suspicious activity while an extreme close-up of a sensuously exposed neck; a soft pink fleshy ear turns to reveal an inquisitive hostile eye. The camera therefore functions as an aggressor, the mediator and a confessor, employing sound, image and text as accomplice’s in doing so.


The programme features work by Florian Zeyfang, Maria Tereza Alves, Martin Ebner, Maite Abella, Judith Hopf, Deborah Chamonix, JB Rathke and Shelly Silver. 


Arsenal – Institute for Film and Video Art, based in Berlin combines cinema (the Cinema Arsenal), festival (the Berlinale Forum & Forum Expanded), distribution, film archive, dvd and book publishing, and offers research opportunities for curators, academics and other cinepiles.


Created by Nanna Heidenreich and Stefanie Schulte Strathaus.

What is Video Space?

A changing monthly programme of films in our first floor Video Space.


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