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New Art MK: Kamil Szkopik

New Art MK

Kamil Szkopik


Throughout the process of portraying people it occurred to me that identity stands for the surface, just like sexuality, attire or preferences.


It is probably due to the pace of life in the Western world that we tend to merge genders. We lose distinction by putting it under the name of politically correct ‘equality’. Nevertheless, this distinction emphasises an attraction common to all human beings.


The exhibited body of work is a collection of portraits of strangers depicted in a public space.


It is important to point out that at this stage of my visual activity none of my photographs are airbrushed with the use of computer software.


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New Art MK 

Eight Artists From Milton Keynes 

8 July – 18 September


An exciting group exhibition by eight emerging artists from Milton Keynes.


Which artists have been most influential to your practice?

John Turner


Christian Boltanski

Vincent Van Gogh

Paolo Roversi 


What has been your most memorable exhibition at MK Gallery?

Marcus Coates: Psychopomp


What's your favourite YouTube clip?

Father and Daughter by Michael Dudok De Wit