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Showcase 2012: Karolina Lebek

Showcase 2012


Karolina Lebek

Landscapes of Poland

13 - 19 September 2012


A recent graduate of University of Bedfordshire, Karolina Lebek presents a mixture of photography, video and sound works which explore ideas of memory, distance and emotional loss.


Since moving from Poland to the UK, Lebek's emotional relationship with her native country has grown stronger, and has become the subject of this exhibition, Landscapes of Poland. 

In search of her own identity, Lebek kept revisiting places in Poland of great emotional charge. By confronting the utopian image of the past with the raw reality of the present surroundings, the artist has created a personal, emotional dialogue between the past and present. Captured landscapes and objects become visual references creating a diary of loss.

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Showcase 2012

Eight, week-long exhibitions, presenting work by local students and fine art graduates in MK Gallery Project Space.

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