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New Art MK: Lauren Keeley


New Art MK

Lauren Keeley


My approach to painting is pragmatic and structural: there is a focus on the processes, constructions and deconstructions that are used during the painting process, rather than a centring towards the final outcome.


There is a strong reliance on chance encounters and serendipity, which is connected to my everyday practice of painting - processes and ways of working are mostly intuitively found or stumbled upon. Yet it has become important that the eventual paintings are calculated and to an extent anticipated, their state is only visceral initially, which after a long process of development and ironing out of errors they become much more fixed and certain. This hopefully reaches such a point that there is the feeling that the painting could be made again, an idea I find very interesting.


Final paintings are generative towards what comes next, which with the algorithmic nature of their construction, leads to a body of work that is connected yet assorted. This further leads to an interest in the hanging and combining of paintings, of which there are endless possibilities and within which some form of order is searched for. 


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New Art MK 

Eight Artists From Milton Keynes 

8 July – 18 September


An exciting group exhibition by eight emerging artists from Milton Keynes.


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Which artists have been most influential to your practice?

Eberhard Havekost

Wilhelm Sasnal

Peter Doig

Wade Guyton

Zak Prekop

Tomma Abts 


What has been your most memorable exhibition at MK Gallery?

I used to walk past Wolfgang Weilder's offsite project Transfer (2007) everyday which was amazing to see the structure slowly shifting around the public space.


What's your favourite YouTube clip?

Radiohead - Nude (printer, scaner, HDD remix)