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March 2014 Video Space

The Owl Séance: Curated by Paul Green 

1 - 31 March 2014


A looped screening in the first floor Video Space throughout advertised gallery opening hours.  Access via stairs or lift. 


"Ghosts don't haunt people - their memories do" Alexandra Bracken

The Owl Séance is a conjuring up of an ill remembered past, fragmented memories of a time of both progress and nostalgia. Hauntology reflects primarily on the mid 1960’s through to the early 80’s – a time during which man first walked on the moon, music became electrified, television and video became the focal point of the modern home and new towns began to emerge on the landscape. 


Colliding with the thrill of the new was a fascination with what is now termed “Wyrd Britain”; a resurgence of interest in folk music, the country’s pagan past and the esoteric. Tabloid newspapers were filled with tales of suburban witchcraft and children’s television regularly focused on the incursion of magic and mythology into contemporary life. Look again at some of the streets names surrounding the gallery; Midsummer Boulevard, Avebury Boulevard, Saxon Street not necessarily the most obvious choices for a new town modelled on that most modern of 20th century cities, L.A but totally in keeping with the time. 


The internet has helped to unleash these ghosts, resulting in an upsurge of interest in the ephemera of an age gone by and mixing it with contemporary preoccupations, new sounds and new ghosts of a haunted past. 

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Running time: 30 mins approximately. 



Paul Green curates and project manages Avant-Gardening. He was previously the Arts Development Officer at Lambeth Council before taking up the position of Outreach Co-ordinator at Hayward Gallery. He is a passionate advocate for engaging people in the creative process and developed an innovative programme of creative engagement for young people at the Hayward. He is interested in the areas where art intersects with the humanities and how art can open new paths to debate and fresh approaches to current issues. As a freelancer he has worked for Film London, Camden Arts Centre, Greenwich Film Festival and Camden Council amongst others.



Films include:


The Cosmic Bicycle (1972)

Les Goldman / 6mins 42


Muddlecraft (2012)

Wonder Muddle / 3mins 18

Microtonics 21 

Broadcast / 2mins 34

Angel (1966)

Derek May / 6mins 55

Ghostland of Departed Buildings

Moon Wiring Club / 4mins 8

Cleveland Way

Public Information Film / 1min 34

Summer Round (2012)

Belbury Poly/Julian House / 4mins 34



3mins 37

Phenomena and Occurences

Julian House / 2mins 3

A Journey To Avebury (1971)

Derek Jarman / 10mins 22

Ghost Algebra

Janie Geiser / 7mins 36

A New Town

Pathe Films / 1min 17

Worn Tyres

PIF / 45sec



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