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November 2013 Video Space

Hollis Frampton: Artificial Light

Hollis Frampton: Artificial Light

Hollis Frampton: Artificial Light

Artificial Light (1969; 25 mins) by Hollis Frampton

1 - 30 November 2013


A looped screening in the first floor Video Space throughout advertised gallery opening hours.  Access via stairs or lift. 


Selected as a counterpoint to Peter Dreher’s subtle exploration of repetition, Frampton’s 1969 film,  Artificial Light, repeats a short, single scene of artists talking, drinking and socialising twenty times. Each cycle is violently subjected to a material treatment – in negative, upside down, punctured, toned in sepia or spotted in multi-coloured drops –to create a jarring, surreal and dislocating experience.


Considered a pioneer of Structuralism – a form of film making that investigated the material properties of the medium at the expense of a traditional cinematic narrative - Hollis Frampton (b.1932 Ohio. d.1984) was one of the most important experimental film makers of the 20th Century, emerging from the New York Avant Garde film community of the 1960s alongside Jonas Mekas and Stan Brakhage. In addition to his extensive work in the field of film, he was also an accomplished photographer and writer, and contributed to the development of computer science in the 1970s.