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Video Space: February 2013

Joanne Masding, Symbol for a Screening

Joanne Masding, Symbol for a Screening

Matthew Noel-Tod, Castle 3.0, 2011

Matthew Noel-Tod, Castle 3.0, 2011

Joanne Masding, Symbol for a Screening
Matthew Noel-Tod, Castle 3.0, 2011

Joanne Masding, Symbol for a Screening

While It Lasts, a show-reel

1 - 28 February 2013


This screening programme curated by Elinor Morgan shows a selection of moving image works by six UK-based artists. Each of them approaches the process of making film or video works in a different way but common threads run through the programme: the production of digital realms, film as a space in which sculptural forms can be presented and the impact that the internet has had on the way that we interact with information, imagery, one another. Many of the works presented use the internet as source material, a tool for production or content and all have a relationship to developments in digital technology.


Each of the works proposes the possibility of creating digital space that can be used as a landscape in which text, figures or sculptural objects can exist. Matthew Noel-Tod’s work is made of modular elements, CGI objects, which move around and interact in a kind of digital void, a non-space, whereas Matthew Ferguson’s work Hfdkbj revolves around the development of the space itself, a digital environment which functions as a kind of image or sculpture. These works reflect the impact that technology has had on the process of making work: artists can now not only make digital sculpture, but develop realms in which they can exist. Benedict Drew’s work, The Concha Institute takes this idea one step further in a fable of sorts which sees a Museum of Modern Sculpture disappear up the nose of his abstracted protagonist.


Desire and consumption are common themes in the works here. Hannah Perry for example, utilises footage found online alongside film shot by herself to comment on youth, sexuality and desire in our culture. David Raymond Conroy’s work shows his own website filling up with imagery trawled from the internet before eventually crashing under the weight of this digital information while a voice-over speaks of the unattainable nature of satisfaction in a time when everything is made available via the internet. In Castle 3.0 Noel-Tod’s digital models, the archetypal, mediated erotic forms of a male and female Jean Paul Gaultier perfume bottle play out a series of sexualised gestures.


Joanne Masding’s Symbol for a Screening, a short sketch-like work that uses found diagrams used to illustrate our biological mechanisms for sight, reminds us of the processes of looking and seeing that we are undertaking by engaging with this show-reel.



David Raymond Conroy


It's not the past but the present that determines the future/

Act Natural, 2011-12 


Benedict Drew

The Concha Institute, 2013


Matthew Ferguson

Hfdkbj, 2012 


Joanne Masding 

Symbol for a Screening, 2012


Hannah Perry

While It Lasts, 2012

A Little Something, 2012 


Matthew Noel-Tod

Castle 3.0, 2010-2013