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Video Space: January 2013

Anna Barham: Selected Films

2 - 31 January 2013


This month’s Video Space programme presents a selection of films made over the last four years by the British artist, Anna Barham. Working in a variety of media including sculpture, performance, film and drawing, Barham often explores the malleable nature of language and forms. Utilising limited starting points - a short, poetic sentence for example – she applies’ a methodology of deconstructing and recombining its constituent parts to create a shifting set of meanings and associations.


Anna Barham was born in the UK in 1974. She studied Mathematics and Philosophy at Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge and Fine Art at The Slade School of Art, graduating in 2001. Recent exhibitions include: Warp and Woof (with Bea McMahon), CCA Glasgow, at ICA, London and a commission for White City, for Art on the Underground.


Films in this season: 

Argent Minotaur Slept (2012), Iris (2011), Proteus (2011), The Terrain (2010), Magenta, Emerald, Lapis (2009).