Abbie Schug

Abbie Schug (b. 1997) focuses her research on the relationship between the body and representations via the screen. Within contemporary life, one’s relationship with the screen is ever more important and, in many ways, inter-dependant.

Schug utilises a combination of analogue and digital optical devices to capture the translations unique to the act of representation. Translating images of the self beyond the point of being human, yet leaving visible traces of having once been present, creates a constant state of flux across the surface of the painting. This tension between being and non-being highlights the possibility of absence as a presence.

The act of painting remains crucial to this process; investing time to establish tension upon a surface with physical mediums contrasts with the instant nature of digital culture. This piece is the first in an experimental series working on aluminium panel to create an active surface which, even behind the layers of paint, subtly reacts to the immediate environment creating a backlit, vibrant image – an effect similar to that of a digital screen.

The ability for an image to constantly mutate in the presence of a spectator allows one to remain quizzical about the anatomy of the images we encounter.