Adam Neal

Adam Neal (born 1996) lives and practices in Birmingham. Neal’s work is inspired by his surroundings. Having spent his formative years living in the residential area of Northfield, Birmingham, he has witnessed first-hand the changing face of industry and social class categories in Britain.

 In 2017, Neal undertook a Live Project with MK Gallery, resulting in The Death of a Club. This work explores the relocation of Wimbledon F.C. to Milton Keynes and its rebranding as MK Dons, a unique event in the history of English football. Now two separate entities, MK Dons and AFC Wimbledon are bitter rivals due to their split history. A traditional ‘working-class’ sport, historically football has appealed to a specific demographic from less affluent socio-economic wards within their wider areas. In Neal’s work, the relocation of Wimbledon F.C to Milton Keynes suggests the fragmentation of the working class under capitalism, and raises issues of class disparity. On the one hand the Wimbledon fans were abandoned, mourning their club and forcing them to rebuild. On the other, Milton Keynes was able to forge a focal point, creating a new sense of community around the new team.