Anna Berry

’Where Do You Live?’, 2020, Postcards of Milton Keynes, Tyvek, steel, carbon fibre, cable ties, copper pipe, solenoid valves, rubber hose, compressor, balloons (plus Arduino, relays, digital components). Created in collaboration with Clive Doherty and Stuart Moore. 


Anna Berry is an artist based in Milton Keynes. Berry creates socially- and politically-conscious work, often large kinetic installation, working with paper. Many of her pieces relate to the spaces and social climate of Milton Keynes, often consisting of interventions and pop-ups in public space.


Like much of Berry’s work, ’Where Do You Live?’ creates a slightly uncanny sense of the organic, including cones that ‘breathe’, whilst exploring the nature of space, and of specific place. “The title plays on pinpointing your locality in MK, but also asks where the ghost in this particular machine is.”