Anna Turner

Anna Turner grew up in Hemel Hempstead and now lives and works in Leeds. Turner creates hard-edged, abstract paintings with flat, finite, forms that are rimmed by a sharp, clean edge. Shapes are independent of any basis in reality, are autonomous and sufficient unto themselves. Vibrant, solid colours are mixed with soft pastel shades, combining matt and gloss finishes. ‘Hard-edge’ painting is known for its economy of form, fullness of colour and smooth surface planes. Abrupt transitions are found between colour areas, creating visual contrast. In Turner’s plywood works, the edges play an active role. Many of these paintings cannot be viewed in their entirety from a single angle, encouraging the viewer to move about the piece. Although Turner works to create a meticulous finish, building up layers with tape and other mediums, the subtle ridges resulting from this technique provide evidence of their hand-made nature. These are not digital productions and are carefully constructed, leaving little to chance. The works’ pure abstraction is created slowly, layer by layer.


'Nothing more concrete or more real, than a line, a colour or a plane' – Theo Van Doesburg (Founder, De Stijl, 1883-1931)