Arianne Wilson

Arianne Wilson is an artist based in Buckingham. Wilson’s ‘water features’ explore the creation of a hypothetical planet. They form the fragments of an alien terrain, the absurd creatures that inhabit it, and their ways of navigating existence.


On planet earth, plant life came to exist after the emergence of water. In Milking the Creature, this history is mirrored through the artist’s use of liquid materials alongside plant matter. Using the logic of life on earth, Wilson’s make-believe world exists somewhere between fiction and reality. ‘Birthing’ this invented creature, Wilson was influenced by fragile insect bodies, amplifying them to create an anthropomorphic mutation. Drawing on peculiarly human practices, such as extracting cows’ milk for human consumption, Wilson removes them from the context of Earth, highlighting their oddness. Milking the Creature invites bizarre interactions between the artwork and audience, where they begin to project a consciousness to the life-form.