Artist I.Relevant


Artist I.Relevant’s work considers the process of growing up in the context of the world we live in. As seen through the eyes of a little boy, the artist highlights a variety of problems including inequality, poverty and war.


Over The Hills And Far Away draws attention to the arms industry and its role in fuelling conflicts, shedding light on the situations of refugees as victims of war. The image of the little boy lying on the beach refers to Alan Kurdi and his tragic death while attempting to flee with his family. During the “European Refugee Crisis”, the image went viral on social media, forcing mainstream press to report it and western governments to open up their borders.


Somewhere Over The Rainbow, explores purpose in life and ‘success’, and is the first piece where the artist began using colour. Like The Wheels on the Bus Go Round And Round, it borrows its title from a popular song. Lyrics provide a playful means of inviting audiences to think about serious issues, and inspire many of Artist I.Relevant’s pieces. References familiar from childhood, which resonate with audiences, are manipulated to draw attention to the contradictions between the principles we teach children and life in the real world.