Boyd & Evans

Fionnuala Boyd and Les Evans are artists who have been producing work collaboratively since 1968. They moved to Milton Keynes in 1982 as artists in residence, and remain in the area today.  Boyd & Evans have travelled extensively to find images for their work, including periods in the Malaysian Peninsula and Borneo. Since the turn of the century their most enduring obsession though is with the landscape of the United States (particularly the South West). This research has formed the majority of their artistic output whether it be painting or photography.

“After the recent months of George Stubbs in MK Gallery showing an 18th Century aristocratic view of horses, we were minded to replace “Whistlejacket” with an image showing a different approach to life with horses. What would a modern working horse look like at this scale? This cowgirl was a winner in a ‘Big Loop’ rodeo in Oregon, against a field mostly of men.  We were amazed at the consummate skill of these riders who hardly needed to move a finger to control their horses at great speed, like dressage at 40 mph.”