Cherilyn Yeates (Chez)


My Gallery is a Temple



Cherilyn Yeates (Chez) is a visual artist, muralist & illustrator born and raised in Milton Keynes. Her practice focuses on art in public spaces, modern day shrines and art to inspire reflection. She is interested in how the arts can have a positive impact on wellbeing. Exploring colour, play and nature - her work encourages audiences to reflect on the beauty in the mundane and to engage with their innate sense of childish curiosity.


Chez’s work investigates the idea that our everyday spaces have a huge impact on our happiness and that we can creatively transform our environment to influence positive emotions.


She is currently looking at how we can emulate concepts from religious architecture and shrines to improve wellbeing; using art to create contemplative spaces that can often be lost in a modern, largely secular society. For her piece for MK Calling 2020, Chez wants to use the gallery as a sacred space. A place for the ever multicultural, multifaith, and secular communities in Milton Keynes to reflect and engage with colour and pattern.