Christina-Shelagh Mongelli

Christina-Shelagh Mongelli is a London based artist whose current work concerns technology and the way we understand and are aware of software and hardware as two different poles, both essential to the mechanisms of our digital era.


‘Digital Fossils’ is a series of photographs that explores the digital space of LCD screens. Mongelli often views this digital domain in relation to the sea, as they both occupy indefinite and indeterminate spaces. The glass objects (made by fusing sheets of glass with trapped air between them) were placed and photographed on LCD and laptop screens. The action of photography fictionally 'fuses' them to the LCD screens, transforming them from 3D to 2D. Mongelli sees the glass forms as 'digital fossils' that have been 'embedded' in the digital strata of the screens; just as fossils become embedded in rock, flattened by time and weight.