Dorothea Reid

Dorothea Reid lives in Buckinghamshire and works in ceramics and print from her studio and Buckinghamshire College. Her creative practice reflects the fragility of life on Earth, and the responsibilities of human beings to protect and maintain the balance of nature. Reid is particularly concerned with the marine environment.  


The Travelling Coral Museum demonstrates how environmental change is bleaching and killing coral reefs around the world.  The work is set in a future time – possibly only 100 years hence - when most of the ocean’s coral has disappeared and only bleached skeletons remain. Reid uses plants from her garden and white clay to simulate coral textures and their bones.


More widely, Reid’s work explores the impact of global warming on the sea. She is also engaged with the effects of over-fishing, and our relationship with the North Sea, having been born in North East Scotland.  She undertook a residency and exhibited in Denmark before completing an MA in Ceramics.