Doug Foster

Doug Foster is an artist/filmmaker based in Milton Keynes. He employs craft skills honed in a previous career as a lighting cameraman to create imagery that aims to affect people at a visceral level. Years of research into the human visual system have informed Foster’s use of repeating spatial patterns and subtle temporal rhythms to stimulate primal areas of the brain. Many of the artist’s video works and projection installations at first appear to be abstract compositions, but are actually constructed with intricately filmed elements from nature.

Weaver is Foster’s latest work and takes the form of a moving painting that strives to invoke a calming influence on its audience. The composition features twisting, textural imagery, repeated as eight horizontal bands that are offset in time and entwined into three dimensional forms. The imagery is bestowed with a gentle, descending motion while the action is repeated at a constant rate of one beat per second in the hope that it will slow and synchronise the viewer’s heart rate