Dovile Dagiene-Doda

Dovile Dagiene-Doda (b. 1981) lives and works in Vilnius, Lithuania. Her artistic research on time and place  focuses on the eight-minute delay before sunlight reaches the surface of the Earth. Capturing sunlight, in each photograph there is an eight-minute gap between two exposures of the negative. The resulting images are experiments in representing the irreversible flow of physical time, through the limited means available in photographic space.


Here Then, There Now combines the possibilities of traditional black-and-white photography and contemporary methods, exploring the boundaries between analogue and astrophysics through unique silver gelatin prints. The photographs express the Dagiene-Doda’s doubts concerning the future of technological advancement, posing questions of temporality: how long an instant is, and how photography can express duration or segments of time. Her astro-photographic studies are imprints of the wide night sky, and the movement of the cosmic bodies.