Eleanor Breeze

Eleanor Breeze is an artist living and working in Cambridge. Breeze reimagines memories and old photographs to create scenes that may or may not have occurred in the past. She is interested in the idea of trying to establish some control over the uncontrollable by reproducing images of people whom she once held close relationships with, but who are no longer in her life. By introducing fictional narratives to the images, Breeze questions our relationship to the past.


In Why do we only meet at weddings and funerals? Breeze reimagines a family photograph, examining the ritualistic way in which families gather to mark important events. Whether the two figures depicted here are attending a funeral or a wedding remains unknown, allowing the viewer to draw parallels between the two. 


Through painting highly personal scenes, Breeze explores her relationship to the past and questions the moments, people and objects that resonate in her memory. In Cecily, layers of paint suggest different layers of time and disrupt a simple reading of this image, in which two women smile out at the viewer. The claustrophobic nature of their environment contrasts with their relaxed expressions. The title contributes to the narrative - it is not disclosed who Cecily is, or why she has been named.