Elisabeth Molin

Elisabeth Molin (b. 1985, Denmark) lives and works in London. Molin investigates the overlap between mental space and physical architecture, as grounds of both construction and destruction.


COMFORT 7/32/00 addresses entropy, the effects of urban environments on the body, and the surreal overlaps between biological and mechanical rhythms in the city. The title of this work refers to a note found by Molin on the street, which she was struck by but could not decipher. To the artist, it seemed to contain a paradox between a state of mind and a particular time, although the time was out of date or ‘imagined’, caught between past, present and future. COMFORT 7/32/00  combines photography and short poetic texts, together creating a prism of approaches to the subject. The photographic images present moments of intersection, while the text describes bodily encounters with synthetic materials, screens and data. Printed on privacy film, the texts are only visible from certain angles in the room.